Equity Investments

The profile of the Company is closely linked to the investment decision making process and objectives of the Company and is initially structured into 3 distinct divisions /arms as follows:

Strategic Investments 


Fortune Capital focuses on BBBEE opportunities in both the listed and unlisted companies working on taking equity and contributing to their growth. Over the years, we have built a modest portfolio of strategic investments across various sectors.





Financial Services:   

Our financial services group, Grosvenor Capital Management, investment spectrum covers the asset management, private equity, property and hedge funds.

  • We believe that this sector still promises good returns and presents potentially lucrative investment prospects. Opportunities are still in abundance, and we believe that there are still niche investments that would suit our profile, and to which we can add value and growth to invest alongside other funds and entrepreneurs to create economic value for its investors and partners.

  • The founders work alongside a team of professionals to identify various investment opportunities that meet their return requirements.

Grosvenor Capital seeks to invest into businesses that are sustainable and have a competitive advantage in their sector.

Energy & Extractives:   

Fortune Capital sees itself as purveyor of the industrialisation of South Africa and through project development and BBBEE participation in the energy and extractives sector, it will preserve local ownership and at the same time exploit various service opportunities. The firm has taken a strategic decision to position itself to become a strong player in niche energy production value chain.

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